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Finding the Life Behind the Moments that Resonate: Greta Gerwig Discusses FRANCES HA (Q&A Screening)

Frances Ha is a very unexpected, atypical uplifting comedy that focuses on friendship and self discovery rather than a romantic relationship. During a Q&A, Greta Gerwig discussed her collaboration with Baumbach, developing the story, casting, the film’s naturalism, and the choice to shoot in black and white.

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Divorce & Narcissism Through the Eyes of a Child in WHAT MAISIE KNEW (Q&A Screening)

What Maisie Knew is a heartbreaking and fascinating study of both divorce and narcissism, filled with realistic characters and important themes that hit home. This is the first film I can remember that shows divorce so accurately through the eyes of a young child, who doesn’t completely understand what is going on. Sure, there have …

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